There are so many places in Marrakesh must be visited, like :

  • Jamea El Fna Square: it is a market place in Marrakesh’s medina quarter (old city). It’s a public square with traders, merchants and street artists frequented by tourists and locals.
  • Menara: the Menara is a vast garden planted with olive trees. It is about 45 minutes walk from Jamae El Fna square, in the center of Marrakesh, in Morocco.
  • Majorelle Garden: the garden was designed by Jacques Majorelle, a French artist. With marble pools, banana trees, raised pathways, coconut palms, groves of bamboo, coconut palms and bougainvilleas.
  • Koutoubia Mosque: located in Marrakesh’s Jamea El Fna Square, it’s a landmark and known by the largest mosque in Marrakesh.

It will only be a one-day tour, but we promise that you will be able to see all there is that to see in Marrakech. We’ll bring you to the Jemaa El Fena which is the most ancient square in Africa. While at Jemaa El Fena, you will discover the diverse culture of the Moroccan people. You will be able to meet there different kinds of people, storytellers, jugglers, musicians and snake charmers. We will introduce you to our country’s diverse culture and heritage.

You will also explore the small markets in Medina and the narrow streets that are filled with life, music, noise, colors and contagious laughter.

After the tour, you will surely go back to your hotel room with a smile plastered on your face and the images of Morocco will be tattooed on your mind.

Available: Every Day.
Duration : One Day.
Pick Up Time: 08h00 local time from your Hotel or Riad.

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